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"Most captivating was UDW [Underground DanceWorks] member Lauren Sion's solo.  Sion elegantly choreographed 'The Lonely' with backbends and leg extensions which flowed seamlessly."

-Whitney Weinstein,


" 'Breath by Breath' by Philadelphia-based Lauren Sion of Underground DanceWorks demanded a quieter introspection of the way life makes demands on the body and soul...[A Power-packed acrobatic performance]."

-Radhika Baruah, Asaam Tribune


"Beautiful dancing this past weekend... So great to see...I remember when you first sat across my desk talking about transferring... So glad you did.  "

-Karen Dearborn, Muhlenberg College Dance Program Chair


On Contemporary Dance "Finding Foundation":

"Engaging... Nice texture.  Choreographically not overdone.  We constantly talk about this weird idea that people have -  that they have to fill a quota for a dance for a dance competition or convention.  This is a good example of just enough - this is great."

-TOKYO, choreographer, educator, artistic director



"Lauren is an extremely technical dancer, her rigorous training is transparent in every movement she does.  She has such a fluid quality to her dancing, but she can also execute small and sharp movements beautifully.  One of my favorite things about Lauren is her fearlessness. She is never scared to try one of my crazy ideas... Whether it's throwing herself upside down on a stool, jumping into a new lift, or balancing in the baby freeze, she is not only fearless but relentless.  She is so strong in a physical, mental, and emotional sense.  She will continue to fight until everything is exactly the way it should be."

-Kathleen Glynn, coEXISTdance Company director


"Lauren - Your strength is phenomenal. Your mental, emotional and physical strength is phenomenal.  The dedication you have as a dancer in our world is a beauteous gift.  It is refreshing to work with such a fearless and driven artist who truly 'dances her way through life.' Thank you."

-Tia Dorsey, Fellow coEXISTdance Company member


"You pour so much of yourself into the dance world and are truly gifted... I don't know how you refill your cup each day, but you always do...  It's dancers like you that keep the art of dance that's what will sustain the true art of dance."

-Tammy Liiro, Artistic & Executive Director of Nardi Dance Studios


"Genuine and engaged, but also excited - not dead because of dance but only alive because of it.  Beautiful yes, and graceful; but grounded - long lines rooted in earth.  Outwardly ballet influenced, sure, but with an unquenchable fire burning inside... clearly visible in [her] eyes... certainly too cool to be just a ballerina."

-Seth Faulk, NYC-based touring & recording drummer, percussionist, singer


"I have never met such a sweet spirit that appears on the inside and on the outside of a person like the way it does you.  I am so priveleged to have you as my friend and company member... Your willingless and eagerness fueled my energy to create... You are a complete joy to work with - that I knew from day one - even from the audition.  You make me smile."

-Eng A. Matthews, Artistic Director of Eng and Friends Dance Company



Matthew Wright, Fig Tree Photography

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